Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I'm feeling kind of blue at the moment. I just don't have anything to do at work and there's nothing interesting going on. I'd be 'doing' my work, if I had any. So, when there isn't any work to do I get to rely on myself and my friends to keep things interesting... but my friends here at work seem to be too busy. I'm not asking for 'busy', but I am looking for 'interesting'.

I just took a walk for my lunch break. It was nice to get out and get some fresh air. The temperature was a lot warmer than I had expected. The sun was shining. It felt good on my face. I need to get some sun on my skin. I also should bring in some sneakers for walking outside... ouch... my feet hurt from walking so far in my dress shoes... they're sexy shoes, not comfortable shoes.

I just found an interesting radio station on the internet to listen to... disco house music.

There are plenty of interesting people to read about (blogs) on the internet, but I really shouldn't be doing that at work. I do it on occassion, but I should be careful how often I do. My cube is situated near a high traffic walking path, so with all of the people walking by I'm certain that they are looking at what's on my screen.

Music helps... ok, I'm in a better mood now. I've discovered a [new to me] artist, Osunlade. His "Sunlight" dub, from the "Re-Offering", is a hot track! I love it. I need to get my hands on this album. I'm searching the internet now. So far I can only find it in the UK...guh.

Okay... this site rocks... http://www.cheapestcdprice.com/ it finds the cheapest prices on the interweb for you.


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