Thursday, November 03, 2005

A poem for Marty...

Where is Marty?
the man with so many hats
with the hole in his stockings
with his A$$ super-imposed
Where is Marty?
the one man show
always looking his best
never wearing a vest
unless he's at Fantasy Fest
Where is Marty?
always ready to go
ready to talk
ready to care
Where is Marty?
the man of great wisdom
a full bottle of Perignon
waiting to share some
his laughter so contagious
his stories, he'll take us
his household fastidious
Where is Marty?
the man of great taste
his life never wasted
yearning to experience more
No need to ask where...
he's out there
doing his life
all places he can
well traveled
and well read
hard working
and hard at play
taking it all in...
Marty the maker
maker of life
maker of friends
maker of History
His story he makes
today and tomorrow...
he's Marty
my friend


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