Friday, April 24, 2009


You ever think about how everything is better when you're on vacation? Coffee tastes better, food tastes better, you sleep better, you're happier, you have more sex and it certainly seems more special.

Why is that?

It occurred to me this morning that it's because you are present, in the moment and you can enjoy these things. You aren't thinking about how you are running late for work. You aren't thinking about your job and the deadlines you have. You aren't thinking about how the laundry is piling up.

When you are on vacation, these aren't issues that surround you, but these issues, or issues like them still exist in your life...right? The difference is, you choose not to allow them to affect your vacation time. You're not thinking about least, they don't CONSUME your thoughts. What you ARE thinking about is enjoying your PRESENT time on vacation.

The point is, 'vacation' (and, more specifically, your experience of 'vacation') is a state of mind. You get to CHOOSE what you think about, there for creating the happy, blissful experience of being on vacation.

So, when you aren't on vacation, but you 'need' to take a vacation, take the time to choose the thoughts that will create that experience within you. You can take several vacations in a day! It's your choice!

I'm going on one with my cup of coffee, right after this...

Bon Voyage!


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