Monday, April 20, 2009

Week One - review

I've held my death grip on winter (and, more specifically, my "winter coat") for long enough. This last spring snow storm dumped feet(!) of snow and then promptly melted away in about a day, bringing with it the realization that winter is over. We will be seeing a lot more sunshine and warmer temperatures this week...even reaching into the 80's...just days after the biggest snow storm of the year, for this area!

All this, to say that I now have the much needed motivation to get back on an athlete-respected food/diet/meal plan, as well as, a consistent regime of exercise.

I have been a week on P90X (workouts and meal plan), to include the exclusion of a dear buddy of mine, alcohol. Being 'dry' for two weeks now, really seems to have allowed the accelerated cleansing and weight loss that I have experienced this week. Not to sound like I was an alcoholic, by any means, but I do enjoy the occasional drink with dinner and friends.

Also, as an experiment, I've eliminated a great deal of gluten in my diet. I'm not aware of any allergies that I have to gluten, but I wanted to see how my health might change, if I were to reduce and/or eliminate it from my diet. I can't say that the increased energy and overall wellness I've been experiencing these last couple of days, is directly related to the reduction of gluten in my diet, but I do have to consider that as part of the overall equation, coupled with my improved meal planning, working out and the absence of alcohol.

To date, I have lost 6 lbs. I think a lot of that was water weight due to the toxicity of my system. Again, just proof that what I'm doing is working for me. Also, losing 'weight' is not my goal, but losing fat and increasing my overall athletic build is. For now, I'm concentrating on losing my 'winter coat' and then, we'll see about increasing some muscle mass.

I have the focus and support I need to ramp this up and stick to it...but being in integrity should be enough. For myself first, then for those who I support with their health.

Rock and Roll!


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