Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Has my sanity been misplaced?

I rose in the darkness

and there was already a chill

from my view I could see

the weather was colder still.

My brain said, "Go back to bed!"

My body said, "We need this. Let's go."

...the majority ruled.

So with excuses aside

I dressed in my gear

said a quick prayer

and then spit in the face of my fear.

Off I went

into the darkness of winter

in the freezing tempuratures

and into the silence of early morning.

Has my sanity been misplaced?

The cold bit at my lungs.

It screamed at me,

"Go back home!"

"This journey will not be fun."

"Hush!" I said, "You'll spoil my run."

I ignored the voices

and put a picture in my head

the body I long for

and a lifestyle of health.

Insanity is where I've been.

Misplaced was my sanity

gone on ahead of me

I've fallen behind.

Running now to catch up.

With every step I take

I lose that which holds me back

and gain more to perpetuate.

2.2 miles and I'm dissatisfied,

but my sanity is closer

and a goal I've accomplished.

Another battle has been won.

Tomorrow is another,


in the absence of the sun

and in the face of my own calamity

I will come closer

to finding my sanity.

Happy Training.



Blogger boiledpnut said...

I'll borrow a page from your book since it's rather similar to my own tale. It's snooze button heaven over here. Afternoon runs.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006  

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