Friday, September 08, 2006

Day Four of my Return.

I chose not to run this morning. The combination of running and lifting weights is punishing my body more than I care to admit. I worked my back and shoulders yesterday and my trapezius muscles are quite bitter with me today.

I did, however, decide to get in a little bit of a workout just before lunch. I did a little ab work, some bicep work, and a short, light ride on the stationary bike. My abs and bicep's were about the only muscles that weren't sore.

My bike ride tomorrow is set. It is somewhat experimental, because we are heading out so early, we don't really know where we will be going, or how far we can get in the time frame that we have. I'm just happy I've found someone to ride with. It's given me some motivation. It must have... I've agreed to wake myself at the butt crack of dawn, ON A SATURDAY MORNING!!!

Perception of one's self:

What is it that we don't see ourselves as others see us?

People have noticed that I'm working out again. When they ask me about it, I proceed to tell them the reasons why I'm working out [right now it's 'cuz I feel fat] and the tell me how good I look. Sometimes I feel skinny [as in, not enough muscle size] and people comment on how muscular I am.

It's just kind of strange...


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