Monday, September 18, 2006

I did workout last Friday, Sept. 15, but I forgot to blog it... and by now I've forgotten what I did. I believe it was a shoulder workout with some Ab work. If I remember correctly, it was short Ab workout, because they were a little sore from the previous days.

On Saturday, I slept in. I had considered, the night before, getting up early for a run, but it didn't happen. I think it was 8:30 before I was so rudely awakened. By mid day Saturday, I was feeling the soreness in the shoulders.... ouch!! Saturday turned out to be one of those super-lazy-days where you do absolutely nothing. Nothing was planned, nothing on the schedule, nothing that just had to get done. So nothing it was... all day long [for the most part. It's about impossible to do absolutely nothing all day].

Sunday didn't go much differently. We had a niece that got really sick and went to the hospital, so I ended up babysitting the younger niece, because my wife had to ref soccer that afternoon. It all worked out. I got to go hang with the boys later that evening, to watch football.

After such a lazy weekend, I was determined to get in a workout. This morning, I dragged my butt out of bed at 5:15 for a run. I was not happy with myself. I so wanted to sleep in another hour or so... but I didn't. I took the dog out and off we went. We took the 2.2 mile route. I was thinking about the 3.3 mile route, but it's so dark at that time of the morning and the longer route is out in the country where there are no lights at all in most places... and there are not safe, wide shoulders of the road to run on. I don't know if it was the long, lazy weekend or the beers I had last night, but my run kind of stunk. I ran about the first mile and started getting cramps in my feet and calves. I walked about a half mile, until the cramps went away, and then I ran it the rest of the way home. It turned out to be a 30-minute jaunt. Oh well, I'm happy that I got my sleepy arse out of bed and did 'something'!

I also got in a weight workout, late this morning in the company gym. Chest and Tricepts.

I need to work on my nutrition. I feel off today and the physical excertion is only making it worse.

Happy [whatever-it-is-your-doing] today!!!


Blogger Bike Chick said...

Yeah, but your run will be better next time. Good job Eric. :)

Monday, September 18, 2006  

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