Friday, June 06, 2008

Toe and updates

What is it? It seems like every time I start, or want to start, working out, I get sick. On Tuesday afternoon, I had a great lunch with some associates. Shortly after lunch, I start feeling this tickle in my throat, causing this slight cough. That night, I'm feeling quite punk. I load up on the meds and get to bed.

On Wednesday, I couldn't miss work. Plus, I had other 'official' business that I had to tend to that afternoon, so I sucked it up.

I got home around 7:30 that evening, just drained and ready to head to bed. I start flipping through the channels and I see that the WEC is on. Urijah Faber is fighting Jens Pulver. I would not be going to bed! It was an amazing fight. The bantam weight fight was impressive as well.

Thursday I get up and I still feel like crap... but I go to work anyway. Deadlines! By the end of the day, I'm actually feeling okay. I still have this mild congestion, but nothing like I was feeling originally.

Today, I'm still feeling drained of my energy... I so did not want to get out of bed this morning... but, the congestion is certainly waning.

The toe. The left, big, toe. It still hurts. It feels like, if my toe were square, that I'd chipped off the outer corner. I may never know. Unless my toe starts getting really funky, I won't be going to the doctor.

It's only slightly uncomfortable to walk on it. I did test running, or jogging, on it, a little.... but I want to let it heal a bit more before I really put it to the test.

I thought this sickness was going to keep me down for longer than it has. Now that it is on its way out, I'm just waiting on this damn toe to heal.


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