Monday, October 23, 2006

Saturday Bike.

Saturday was to be a completely lazy day. I was invited to a 'guys-only' day of football, beers and brauts at a friends house. It started at noon and really didn't have an end time [you were expected to just crash for the night]. This was an annual event for the guys to get away from the kids, the wives and the honey-do lists, and just be guys... and drink... a lot!

While some parts of this event were appealing to me, some weren't. I liked the idea of being able to 'get away' for the day, but I couldn't bring myself to spending the entire day there. The weather was too nice to spend indoors... and it was too nice to skip out on a workout.

It was sunny, but it was windy... the wind made it cold... but the sun helped [it's definitely Fall here]! So I geared up for a long bike ride. I thought I would take the last route, but take that loop in the opposite direction for something different. Once again, the hills were brutal! But I took them on with a smile.... I welcomed them... I sought them out, in fact. I deviated off of the original course for the purpose of seeking another, steeper climb. My legs weren't happy about that, but I had this 'sickness' in me that said, "Hills? Bring 'em on!"

The wind added a difficulty that I'd not yet experienced. It wasn't a heavy wind, it was more of a heavy breeze, but when you're on a bike, even a breeze can be a burden! Wow.

I was expecting to ride the 14.2 miles that I traveled last time, but my deviations were obviously going to extend that distance, so at mile 10 I set a goal of 20. I had the time, but whether I had the legs was yet to be seen.

I got lost again. I missed a turn somewhere, but that was okay. It forced me to ride further. It was a long steady down hill that I got carried away with. It took me about a 1/2 mile out of my way and added another 1/2 mile worth of climb for me to get back to the turn that I missed. Oops.

When I got near the house my cyclo-puter was reading 17 miles. I was thinking of routes where I could add the 3 miles to reach my goal of 20. I knew where I could go, but at that time my a_s started screaming at me. I was experiencing some deep saddle soreness from being in the saddle for an hour and a half. The pain was shooting down into my legs, so I decided to call it off. I'd just bring it into the house and call it good. I guess I need to work out my 'cheeks' for those long rides... and maybe look into another saddle.

Overall I was pleased with my ride.
17.4 miles
Time - 01:36:42
Top speed - 43.4 mph!
Avg. speed - 10.6 mph
1358 feet of climb


Blogger Bike Chick said...

I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be commenting on your backside, but...your cheeks will probably be more comfy with a new saddle. Or maybe they just have to get used to saddle time and toughen up. But great ride!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006  

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