Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We went to see the "Celtic Women" concert this weekend in downtown Philly. This was my first visit to Philadelphia and I must say, I like Philly.... a lot! I just love big cities.

The concert was entertaining. However, I thought that the show was too commercialized and mechanical. There was some great talent out there, all of the women have beautiful voices, but I wasn't impressed with the show overall. I can think of three songs (over the two hour period) that really moved me. Plus, I don't know if it had to do with the location of our seats and the acoustics, but I thought the sound was adjusted incorrectly. The 'mids' were way to high. I felt like I was listening to the concert through a tin can. I was mostly entertained by the percussionists. There were two huge percussion cages on either side and to the rear of the stage. Those guys were really getting into it. I also enjoyed the classical
guitarist, but we didn't get to hear much of him.

Ironically, I enjoyed the second half of the show much more than I did the first half. I don't suppose it had to do with the cocktail I had at intermission. You should have heard the comments and seen the looks I got when I had the guy pour straight vodka over ice.

The show was held in the "Academy of the Arts" theatre in downtown Philadelphia. Not a large theatre, but impressive. It looked to me to be a very old place. We were one row up from the extreme back wall, on the highest level, yet we had a decent view of the stage and the performers. As I looked around I could imagine and I felt like I was sitting in the same auditorium where people had once arrived in their horse-drawn carriages to get there, decades before me. In a sense, I felt like some of those old spirits where there with us that night.

After the show we jay-walked across the street to the nearest restaurant for a bite to eat. It was an upscale Italian joint and the food was delicious! And, I learned something new: Do you know how they make black pasta?

Squid. More specifically, squid ink. That's all of the more of the information that I needed to know on that topic.

Another note of interest: Two different evenings this weekend and in two different locations (two different cities, for that matter), I ordered a "Johnnie Black" (Johnnie Walker, Black Label scotch) cocktail on the rocks... and each time I was poured a double. I usually order "Dewar's" on the rocks. I know... now you're wondering what was up with the vodka, right? Well, that's another story.

It was a short trip, but I'm hoping to make many more trips to Philly now that I've fallen in love with her. With any luck, I'll be able to share those adventures with you as well.