Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sleepless in PA...

I woke up with my alarm today... but I didn't jump out of bed. It took me about ten minutes to get myself moving.

I was super tired, but I found some motivation to do a core workout. It was short, but sweet.

I was reminded today that I am so not a morning person. I went to bed later than usual (10:30) and then I didn't sleep well. I also noticed that I was awake at some point before my alarm went off. I was lying there awake thinking, "I need to get out of bed." And then I realized that my alarm hadn't even gone off yet. I can't remember whether I fell back to sleep or not... it sure doesn't feel like it.

During the time I did actually sleep, I must have slept all wrong. My back is out of sorts. My spine, between my shoulder blades, feels knotted. :-/

Some days I really hate getting old.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I need not a snooze button...

This morning, I slept right through my alarm... well, not completely. I woke up after about 25 minutes. The morning workout didn't happen.

I attempted to do some ab crunches, lying there in my bed. I'd heard of people that wake up and do a bazillion crunches before they get out of bed. I did about 60... then, I decided that what I was doing was sacrilege. My bed is not for work... it is for rest and relaxation. It's not a pilates mat. It is for comfort and snuggy-ness.

It won't happen again.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Has my sanity been misplaced?

I rose in the darkness

and there was already a chill

from my view I could see

the weather was colder still.

My brain said, "Go back to bed!"

My body said, "We need this. Let's go."

...the majority ruled.

So with excuses aside

I dressed in my gear

said a quick prayer

and then spit in the face of my fear.

Off I went

into the darkness of winter

in the freezing tempuratures

and into the silence of early morning.

Has my sanity been misplaced?

The cold bit at my lungs.

It screamed at me,

"Go back home!"

"This journey will not be fun."

"Hush!" I said, "You'll spoil my run."

I ignored the voices

and put a picture in my head

the body I long for

and a lifestyle of health.

Insanity is where I've been.

Misplaced was my sanity

gone on ahead of me

I've fallen behind.

Running now to catch up.

With every step I take

I lose that which holds me back

and gain more to perpetuate.

2.2 miles and I'm dissatisfied,

but my sanity is closer

and a goal I've accomplished.

Another battle has been won.

Tomorrow is another,


in the absence of the sun

and in the face of my own calamity

I will come closer

to finding my sanity.

Happy Training.


Monday, January 23, 2006

I was spinning and spinning... and ...

Spinning... and spinning... and spinning.

Somewhat, seemingly out of control.

The spinning had begun in a flash...

and where was I going?

Spinning and spinning and spinning.

How did I get here? My thoughts retraced the day...

contemplating the steps I had taken,

which helped me to arrive at this place.

The spinning continued...

spinning and spinning and spinning.

It would not stop.

There were no regrets,

but there were steps that brought me to this place.

Now, spinning and spinning and spinning.

There were sounds of spinning all around me.

The whirling of sounds of spinning...

Spinning and spinning and spinning.

The spinning wasn't slowing,

yet the fear in me was growing.

My heart beat was racing,

the sweat was pouring.

I gasped for breath now

and the spinning continued.

Spinning and spinning and spinning.

The minutes seemed like hours

and the spinning got faster still.

I wanted to cry out,

but who would hear me over all of the noise.

Spinning and spinning and spinning.

I didn't know if I could take much more

My body was so hot

my heart beat so fast

would this be the end of me

or would it not?

Spinning and spinning and spinning.

And just when my body had reached it's threshold

I heard a voice

It wasn't the voice inside my head

It was the spin coach

and I realized I was not dead.

Happy Training.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shoe appreciation day...

I'd like to declare today, "Shoe Appreciation Day."

This morning, as I'm dressing and deciding what outfit to wear. I thought to myself, "I want to wear my comfortable shoes today." So, today, instead of choosing my outfit and then my shoes, I chose my shoes, then built my outfit from the ground up.

What shoes, you ask? They are a pair of black slip-on leather shoes. I've had them for a few years now and if I remember correctly, they have always been comfortable... yet they are stylish and formal enough for business wear.

I've worn them to a lot of my favorite places and cities. They were with me as I've walked the avenues of San Fransico, in the rain in New York, and on the coldest nights in Chicago seeking out food and entertainment... and don't forget, frequenting my favorite jazz club in Denver, "Sambuca". A multitude of great memories have been had in these shoes... and always done in comfort.

Have you hugged your shoes today? It's "Shoe Appreciation Day." Please remember your shoes today and remember all of the great places that they have taken you.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Shout out...

Hey! I just wanted to send out a quick shout out to Okolo at Blogger Headz for the snazzy new header on my site. I was the 3rd caller in the 'free header' contest! Thanks Okolo!