Thursday, August 21, 2008

Race Report

Well, it's done. We finished the race!

I was very proud of our team. We battled the elements and conquered the course, to complete the race in 6 hours and 7 minutes!

Yes, it rained the entire time... a steady ran,with long periods of down-pour! Fortunately, I was prepared with a 12x12 canopy and a few sets of clothing. It was unforgettable... and I will definitely be doing it again next year.

With all of the rain, the race officials had to modify the race... so all we really got to do was bike and run. Where, if the conditions where better, there would have also been some rollerblading and kayaking, or some sort of fun in the water.

On the first leg, we were given three photographs of two statues and one telephone booth. We had to run and find these items, take a photo of the the crew, with the statue, then return to the transition area for our next task.

The 2nd leg was on the bike. The girls each hopped on a bike and had to locate a particular stadium, enter the stadium, then perform a hockey maneuver shooting the puck into the goal. On their return, they had to find this particular golf course and shoot a ball through some uprights.

On the 3rd leg, the boys were running again. We had to run to Coors field and then sit in every seat in section 122... which is somewhere in the range of 300, I'm guessing. This was brutal. We had to run to this location and then, essentially, do 300 squats and then run back to the transition area. Ouch.....

For the 4th leg, the girls were on the bikes again. They had to bike to a bowling alley, bowl a strike or a spare and bike back. On of our girls went down on the bike, so I got a ride to her location and finished the bike for her.

The 5th leg was running again. This was a short one, as we had to run to the Denver Aquarium, just down the street. One of our team had to jump into one of the aquariums, swim across and back. Apparently there were large fish in this aquarium. I'm happy to say that she was not eaten alive.

The final leg was another long run. Dennise, Erin and I ran to a local gym. Once there, one of us had to swim to the bottom of the pool and bring up a brick. Then we had to run up to the basketball court, make a lay-up, a free-throw, and a 3-pointer. We were off, on foot, for the final stretch.

I could not have been more relieved to cross the finish line. My legs had been cramping for the last two hours. I immediately screamed for someone to get me a beer! It was my birthday, after all, and what better time to start the celebration!

I generally have fun on my birthday, but this one will certainly be unforgettable!


Friday, August 15, 2008

It's time!

So, the race is tomorrow...

Am I ready?


Was I expecting all of this rain and 50 degree weather?


Quite the contrary. I have been worried about the heat and dehydration all of this time.

I don't think I have the gear for the rain.

I might have the gear.

It would be in one of the boxes, piled in my garage.

The Mrs. Blog says it best....

Here we go....

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Since moving here, my life has been so out of sorts. We moved into our new house two weeks ago, so I know that 'normal' is on the horizon.... but it still feels so far away. The disarray of boxes and scattered news paper are my indication.

The good news is, I have all of my stuff. The bad news is, I can't find any of it!

I suppose 'normal' is relative... I just know that I need more normal in my life at this moment.

Normal! [not to be confused with boring] Here I come!!!