Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Okay, I promised to come back to talk about my “Anberlin” experience

So, now…

… The rest of the story…

This past weekend, my sister-in-law went out of town for business, so we kept the two girls; One 16 months old and one 14 year old. The night they were to arrive I mentioned to my wife how I was surprised that Taylor wasn’t staying with some of her girlfriends for the weekend. She then mentioned that her girlfriends where going to some concert on Saturday night and Taylor wasn’t invited [the band that was playing happened to be Taylor’s favorite rock group!] I was like, “What?!?” She then went on to tell me how the tickets for this concert were only $10!!! So, I decided at that moment that I would take her.

When Taylor arrived I asked her if she had any plans for Saturday night, which prompted a puzzled look on her face and a question, “Why?” To which I responded, “Well, I’m going to the Anberlin concert and wanted to know if you would like to go.” She jumped three feet into the air and gave me the biggest hug! She even cried. She was so happy!

We drove down to Lancaster about an hour early, so as to get a good spot in line. Turns out there was some confusion on the part of the establishment as to when they were going to be opening the doors, so about twenty minutes before we thought they were going to open the doors, we found out that there was going to be another hour wait! Oh well. We were about ten people from the door and knew that we were going to be able to get a good spot near the stage. And we did. We were three people deep off of center stage!

There were five bands that played, all together. The first bands had short gigs lasting about 30 minutes. Each band played a little longer than the last. I liked some bands more than others, but all were enjoyable. Of the ‘opener’ bands that played, a group called “The Classic Crime,” out of Seattle, showed the best and most well-rounded talent, and ultimately appealed to my musical palate.

Anberlin was, of course, the highlight of the night. While the opening bands displayed a high energy with their spot on stage, I wasn’t prepared for the energy that Anberlin brought with them! Not only was Anberlin on fire, but the crowd’s energy tripled compared to when the other bands where out there. It was like the crowd was feeding off of Anberlin’s energy, and equally so, the band was feeding off of the crowds energy. It was so AMAZING!

The entire night, I felt like a kid! I was so pumped up. So energized! …Dancing and banging my head, and screaming like I was eighteen again [although, my body kept bringing me back to reality. After standing for 6 hours, my feet and back where killing me!]. As exhausting as it was, I found it to be and extremely rejuvenating experience for my spirit. I’m still jazzed about it all. Being at a live show is like nothing else.

Before this night, I had only heard of Anberlin. I’d not actually given them a good listen. I didn’t think I would like their style of music. Boy was I wrong! Sadly, I think I had based this opinion of them based on one song I’d heard earlier this summer.

Did you ever notice how the music is so much better at a live show, than on a recording? Now, I’m talking about a live show where the band is actually talented, and actually plays live. Not your “Milli Vanilli” type shows. Now that I've experienced Anberlin live, I feel like I have this connection with them, which makes me a fan by default, and I definitely love their music. Listening to them on my iPod now takes me back to the night of the concert, which gets my adrenaline going again.

One last thing: I was thinking about how I love my music loud. Loud music gets my energy up. I was also thinking how this must be a guy thing, because most girls I know don’t care for loud music. I now have to question this philosophy, because most of the people at the concert the other night where girls… probably a 3 to 1 ratio. If this concert was anything, it was loud! My ears where still ringing the next morning!

I lied… one more, one-last-thing:
Every time I go to a live show, recently anyway, I think of how I wish I’d done more with my musical abilities. I don’t want to sound like I regret… but… I do hope that I’ll do more, starting now. A few of weeks ago I bought a guitar. I played a little, once upon a time. I plan on doing more with it this time.


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..and teach your children that music is art.. and how to play some cool instruments.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006  

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