Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I don't get it...

It seemed to take everything I had in me to go 2 miles on the treadmill yesterday. I actually pulled out 2.4 miles, but it took me forever! I did a lot of walking, because I just couldn't hang.

Today was a little better... 3.04 miles... And I did this distance as fast as yesterdays distance. My knees are a little sore today. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my heart rate remained relatively low during today'’s workout. My respiratory is another story...

My energy, in general, has been especially low recently. I feel like I'm not getting enough sleep. I think I may have sleep apnea. Ah, the joys of aging! I've got the number to a local sleep clinic. I will get to the bottom of this. Who's robbing my sleep???

I've always been a fan of sleep. In fact, naps are a favorite pastime of mine. "Take-a-nap"” could be my middle name, but they are coming more out of necessity than enjoyment, anymore. I wish I were one of those people that could operate on little sleep. I have a hard enough time functioning on less than 7 hours of sleep. Okay... that'’s enough about that. I'm getting sleepy!

I have got to take the time to map some running routes around my office building. I'’m going to be spending enough time indoors, on the treadmill this winter; I need to take advantage of the nice days that are left, until then. The problem is... well... TIME!

I'm heading to Colorado for my long weekend. "What long weekend?" you're asking. I work for the State, so we get Columbus Day off... [Yay for me!] Anyway, my point with bringing up the fact that I'm going out of town is, continuing training while away. I'’m terrible when it comes to maintaining a regime while out of town, so I'm hoping to turn a new leaf [no "Fall season" pun's intended]. I'’ll be taking my running gear [priority over anything 'fashionable'’], with the intention of running while I'’m out there. The high altitude training will be good for me. ;-)


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