Friday, October 06, 2006

There won't be a workout today [unless you count taking a 2-year old cross country on a commercial airliner... which I'm terrified of, but I get to take it on...blek!].

My day is going to be too crazy for me to get in a workout today, but it comes at a good time. My legs are... well... not sore [surprisingly]... but they are definitely fatigued. So I'll take the day off, rest and heal. I'm feeling that tightness in the bottoms of my feet again. I'm not sure what's up with that. I guess it's just all part of getting into shape. I just don't ever recall having sore feet.

I read an inspiring blog entry yesterday. It has really made me think about something. I've ignored the 'Athlete' inside of me for a long time. I was a good athlete once... I'm still a good athlete. I just need to pay more attention to the athlete inside of me. He is good for me in many ways and my life just works better when I can maintain a close relationship with him. Here's the blog I read: "I Am an Athlete"


Blogger Bike Chick said...

Have a safe fun trip! A day of rest is good, even for a good athlete like you. I have the Jem cd too. Love it. I'm a big Grey's Anatomy fan and I kept hearing it in the first season and finally figured out who it was.

Friday, October 06, 2006  

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