Monday, November 28, 2005

Turkey Fry horror! (and weekend update)

Ok, I've heard all of the horror stories about frying a turkey, but I figured, "how bad could it be?"

(I know I should have been blogging all of this time, but I'm such a bad "at-home" blogger. For some reason I don't like to get on the computer at home. My workouts will be at the end of this blog.)

It was quite a day. We drove up to Philadelphia (Bryn Mawr), to uncle Frank's place for the day. He was hosting Thanksgiving dinner again this year (though this was my first time). We arrived, fashionably late, thinking dinner would soon be ready, pending the usual last minute "fixin's." Come to find out, Uncle Frank hadn't even started heating the oil for the turkey fry. He was adamant that this 'process' didn't take long. The time was 13:30.

Uncle Frank, Arnie and I proceded to prepare an area in the yard (away from the house). Frank was telling us the story of how, last year, he was informed by his neighbor, that his yard was ON FIRE! So we raked away the leaves and assured that this year there would be no danger of catching anything on fire. The ground (and leaves) were wet from the previous evenings rain (and snow), so I was confident that 'fire' could be avoided. (I'm laughing inside at the mere thought of a holiday fire as such)

An hour later, the oil was warming over the seemingly recalescent flame, but, according to Franks thermometer, it wasn't getting hot. It was reading a temp of 120, when the final temp needed to be 400. Typically, this should only take approximately 45 minutes to reach. (again, laughing with myself at another holiday mis-calculation)

Another hour later, we made all the excuses we could about why it wasn't getting hotter faster. It was cold out... It was windy out... The oil was too cold when we poured it into the pot.... blah, blah, blah. We went inside again to give it more time (it really was quite cold out and my glass had run out of Scotch).

I was upstairs putting my youngest down for a nap, when I hear people yelling... "There's smoke! It's SMOKING! There's SMOKE every where!"

I hustle myself downstairs and outside to find Arnie holding a fire extinguisher and Frank standing over a flaming pot of peanut oil. Fortunately, that's all that was on fire. The oil had gotten too hot and had reached it's flash-point ( Autoignition temperature: 443C (829F))!!! Ooops! Apparently, Frank's thermometer wasn't working properly.

We promptly turned off the propane flame. The flame from the oil was easily contained by placing a lid on the pot, suffocating it. Though the smoke was still intimidating.

We agreed that we would allow the oil to cool before placing the turkey in... duh!

Frank was able to find a neighbor that had a temperature gage... THAT WORKED!

Meanwhile, people were starving. We could only eat so many crackers with cheese. (again, laughing inside. Must have been all that scotch on an empty stomach, because I just thought this whole day was hilarious).

After another long period of time, allowing the oil to cool, Frank decided we just needed to get the turkey a fryin'. I helped Frank lower the turkey into the oil, knowing that the oil was still a tad too hot... but we knew the turkey would also help to lower the oil temperature. I was happy when Frank brought out a long pole to do so, because I was wearing some really nice slacks and a very expensive sweater. And besides that, I wasn't open to having flesh scaring oil spashing up on me.

Ever so slowly, we lowered the turkey into the oil and I'm happy to announce that no one was hurt and nothing was damaged. Yay!

Four hours from the originally planned dinner time, we ate... and all were merry!

Workout update:

  • Wednesday - I thought I was getting sick so I didn't workout.
  • Thursday - I was fearing for my life... drowning my fear with Scotch.
  • Friday - I didn't make it to the two-hour spin class. I guess I'm more of a hardcore sleeper than a hardcore athlete at this point in my life. :-/ ... But I did make it to the regular one-hour spin class.
  • Saturday - 1200 yards in the pool and 3.2 miles on the 'Dreadmill'.

I remembered to bring my headphones, so I was able to get on one of those Treadmills that has the television. It really seemed to help me take my mind off of the 'pains' of running. I attribute much of this to being able to go the 5k distance after the 1200 yds. in the pool... that or I'm just getting better ;-)

ps... mark this as my longest blog ever... phew!


Blogger boiledpnut said...

Dang! You had a real turkey day adventure. Glad no one was hurt.

Monday, November 28, 2005  

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